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Improving Well Being in the Workplace

Some call it a trend, others a priority. Well-being at work is crucial, according to many sources. According to the Workforce Attitudes Towards Behaviour Health Report 2019, 48% of the respondents cried at work. Can we ignore this statistic? The answer is no.

If your workers feel stressed, demotivated, and tired in the workplace, it’s crucial to make some changes. People who feel happy and satisfied while working enjoy a high level of productivity which benefits everyone around them as well as themselves.

how to improve well being in the workplace

It’s important to pay attention to the state of yourself and your employees and by incorporating some of the following tips, you will notice an improvement in the workforce and team as one.

  1. Put on some music. 

Music provides a good vibration and lifts the energy of any given space. You don’t have to put on loud music, but it’s best to pick a comfortable volume as well as a genre which can either motivate or calm everyone in the room. That way instead of just sitting in your workplace without a sound, put on some good music and you’re bound to see more smiles!

  1.  More breaks.

Sometimes we feel tired before we even start working. You don’t have to feel stressed; make sure your workforce rests more than usual, and you will get your work done! Many studies confirm that taking various breaks during the workday boosts productivity as opposed to stopping the action like some would think.

  1. Bring pets to work.

We all love our pets and know that being around them, we feel better. Bringing a cat or a dog to work will make your workplace full of positivity and less stressful, and I’m sure many would love the companionship of a furry friend in the workspace too!

  1. Add plants to desks.

Since plants and greenery boost mental health and purify the air, it is a great choice to bring them into the workplace. They’re also great for decoration purposes and add colour to any room.

  1. Make the workplace colourful.

After incorporating more plants into a workspace, adding splashes of colour to your employees’ desk is a great idea too! Green reduces stress, blue promotes focus, and yellow wakes up creativity. Imagine how great it would be for your employees to have this colourful environment and the visual appeal it brings!

  1. Put standing desks.

Putting desks where employees can stand while doing their jobs is perfect for physical as well as mental health. That way they are able to stretch their legs and stand from time to time, making their day just that bit more exciting if you’re sat at a desk a majority of the time and is good to promote more circulation too!

  1. Create your environment.

Did you know that if you create a game room, yoga studio or coffee bar that it will bring you a higher efficacy between your employees?  Having your employees in spaces where they can relax and waster their extra energy is the perfect match and also makes for something else to do in between time spent actually working.

  1. Schedule one-on-one meetings.

Encourage open communication with your employees so they can feel recognized. Taking care of your employees by direct communications in one-on-one meetings will make them feel special and encouraged, and also help with building a connection with each.

  1. Add workplace perks.

Putting an Xbox or an espresso machine will make your employees valued and will boost their productivity double if it’s a little more caffeine that they may need or a quick game session to get the most out of it during work hours.

  1. Give comfort to your employees.

Investing in comfort is the best you can do for your workforce. Who enjoys working in uncomfortable chairs for 8 hours? So, ensure your workspace is fitted with suitable and comfortable furniture that way your employees don’t wind up with a sore back or neck and enjoy more of their time spent in the workplace.

If you’re still trying to figure out How to Improve Well Being in the Workplace after incorporating some of these tips, it could be worth researching and investing in creative wellness groups for your team. 

At a place like Mindkshetra, they use art and creative workshops to promote wellness and boost productivity within a group and is the perfect chance to take the employees out of the office and into a different environment even if it is for just one or a couple of sessions.

To sum up, well-being in the workplace is fundamental to productivity and although it can be brushed off by some, the general well-being of your staff is important to maintain the workspace environment as well as the business itself. Take care of your employees. Clients do not come first. Employees come first.

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