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Youth Leadership Training Programs

The Youth Leadership Project helps high school students develop leadership skills, gain confidence in leadership skills and learn about career and educational opportunities. This exciting free program provides both classroom sessions and field trips to experience first-hand what a city like Atlanta has to offer. In addition to the curriculum, there are several programs offered to participants. Here are the top five youth leadership development programs offered.


The Cadet Leadership Development program is a hands-on training program for youth who want to enter the military after high school. This is a program that requires no prior college degrees. Participants are given a basic knowledge of military life and put in the time to apply it to the military environment. The cadet leadership program will cover leadership development, communication skills, team building, leadership style evaluation, leadership style and values. Cadets will also be required to do a variety of community service activities as a part of their cadet leadership development program. It is a great program for students who are planning on entering the armed forces.

The Cadet Leadership Development Program is available to all cadet branches and staffs. It is designed for cadet officers who are interested in pursuing a career in the military. This program is also available for all military recruiters and those who are applying to become an officer in the US Army. It allows participants to build strong leadership skills and learn how to lead other people positively.

The Youth Leadership Project provides a very unique program to help individuals develop their leadership skills. There are two options to participate in this program. One option consists of a one-day workshop followed by a two-day retreat. The second option involves a one-day training session followed by a two-day retreat. Participants will have a chance to interact with each other in both the day and night time programs and network with other members.

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The Youth Leadership Development Program offers an eight-week, intensive program which provides students with the skills and knowledge to prepare themselves to enter the workforce. The program will not only help you develop your leadership skills but also give you practical experience in the fields of sales, marketing, customer service and teamwork. In the program, participants will learn the fundamentals of leadership and sales skills such as negotiation, networking and leadership. The program will also provide valuable leadership development tools. The program includes a one-day program and a two-day program.

This youth leadership development program provides an opportunity for students interested in being part of a local business group. The Youth Marketing Program works to develop leadership skills and provides individuals with the knowledge needed to create their own local business through marketing. The program will teach participants how to market a local business through a marketing committee, networking and sales. This program is offered at the local YMCA. Other resources are also provided. There are a variety of tools, guides, CDs and books to enhance the knowledge and skills learned during the program.

The Youth Business Development Program will educate teens about the importance of establishing a local business and its benefits. The program will provide valuable information and tools to help teens develop their own business. The program will also provide participants with opportunities to work in a business development club for one to one training on how to market a local business. The program focuses on helping teens to develop the ability to communicate effectively.

The Youth Leadership Development Program is one of the most important youth leadership training programs available today. The youth leadership development program is designed to help students who have been struggling with their social and educational development.